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The Grand Harbor Communities
POA/HOA & Member Website

Grand Harbor Community Website - Help Documentation

Site Overview

Our new site is intended to provide an easy-to-use, modern home for community discussion, events, and communication, as well as providing connecting members to local resources and events.

The site is intended to promote community connections, foster events & activities, and be a home for information useful to our members. To achieve this, we need you! Success of our online community depends on your participation and input. So, please peruse the site and provide your discussion topics, recommend events, and partake in activity planning. There are forms in each participatory section where you can request new topics, groups, and events. And, if you’d like to see a section on the site that isn’t there, just fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form here or email the new point of contact address,

  • Site Sections
    • Members
      • My Profile - Manage your personal information
      • Member Directory - Search for members & groups in the community
      • Email Blast - Send community-wide email announcements discussion
    • Discussion
      • General Discussion - A space for general discussion and conversation
      • Helping Hands - A place to request and offer assistance, as well as discuss local volunteer opportunities
      • Neighbor Reviews - Reviews of products, services, and sites - all by GH community members!
      • Classifieds - Buy & sell classifieds for the community
      • Local Links - Talk about & request info on local resources Community
    • Community
      • Events - Our site’s event calendar. Make sure to suggest events via the form on this page!
      • Clubs & Activities - Mini-sites for our community clubs & groups
      • Blogs - Trying a new hobby? Going to far away lands? Share your story as it develops!
        Photo Galleries - A place to post photos taken in and around Grand Harbor
    • POA/HOA Info - Information, meeting minutes, and other documents from each community’s POA/HOA board.

    • Resources - Includes assorted resources and links related to the community and surrounding areas

    • Help - Includes a contact form for site support, a site map to assist in navigation, and some help documentation and support video

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